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Why I cannot place the order?

(DRAFT) Why I cannot place the order?
In this article, we hope to locate what particular stage you are in at Soufeel.com to help you finish the order. Please note that our system currently does not work well with an Internet Explorer browser. If you are currently using the IE browser, we highly recommend that you switch or use the Firefox and Google Chrome browser instead.

Cannot upload the picture

If you cannot upload a picture when you want to order customized socks, underwears, or other photo items, check for pop-up messages that might identify the issue.

The speed of the browser you are using might be slow. If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, you can switch to a different browser and try again. Please note that our system currently does not work well with the Internet Explorer browser so we highly recommend the use of either the Firefox and Google browser. If you are using a mobile phone, please make sure the network is stable enough to upload a picture.

Please check if your photo is in a PNG. or JPG. format, which should be at least 500 * 500 pixels (depending on the frame base, the minimum edge should be at least 500 pixels), less than 1.5 M. Our system does not recognize PDF files. PDF’s will need to be converted to either a JPG or PNG file.

Cannot "Add To Cart"First, check whether this item is out of stock or if there are any minimum purchase requirements on the item. Also, please make sure that all required fields were completed. If you cannot add items to your shopping cart, it is likely due to one of the following reasons:
An item is out of stock
The minimum purchase limit has not been met
A required field is missing an information
A website or network related problem.

Cannot "Proceed to checkout" or "Place Order"You are on the web page of your shopping cart OR on the page of filling in your shipping or billing information at this point and would be selecting a payment method and shipping method. If you cannot "Proceed to checkout" or "Place Order", please refer to the instructions below OR click on why did my payment fail?
Also, please check for any out of stock items in your shopping cart. These items must be removed prior to checkout.
Make sure all the required fields are completed, including shipping address and shipping method.

Cannot make my payment? Please refer to Why did my payment fail? If the same problem persists and you still can’t place the order, please contact Customer Support start a conversation for assistance. Kindly give us a detailed description of the problem, the specific web page or stage you are on, the problem you met, the error code or a screenshot will help us locate and solve your problem easily.
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Shipped on time and the printing was great quality! Would definitely order again!!! Thank you :)

Bella Atkinson / Facebook

Got these for my friend with he puppy's face on them, He absolutely adores them!

Lisa Lydon / Facebook

The printing looks to be good quality and the face doesn't get super distorted or show blank spots when stretched.

Tamara / Facebook

LOVED how these socks turned out! Got them as a gift for a friend and was not disappointed. Great quality socks and picture graphic. Quick response and delivery as well!

Stephanie Rewinkel / Instagram

They turned out perfect! Can't wait to see them be opened for a friend's Birthday!

Debra Jones / Instagram

Wonderful! I couldn't be happier. It absolutely made Christmas! I would highly recommend this product and seller, as they worked with me to select the best photos and created the best possible outcome! Off to buy more for the rest of the family!

Kari Farese / Facebook

Came quickly and turned out great! Thank you very much!

Kaitlyn Karan / Instagram

Exactly what I ordered. The photo quality is really good

Rebecca Haghighi / Facebook

Purchased as a gift, and was they were a complete hit. The printed pictures were far better quality than I expected!

Doherty / Facebook

It looks just like my dog! My partner loves these socks.

Molly Malone / Facebook

Really patient and awesome seller :) Shipping was superfast even before the holidays.

Nyla Warden / Instagram

Delivered so quickly, great quality and excellent communication. Thank you!

Lauren Caldwell / Facebook

Soft and smooth, great face selection for the pattern.

Lara Leonard / Facebook

They were a gift for my husband with our dog face on them and he loves them. He got many compliments after showing them off at work. I will be ordering more, for sure. Communication with the seller was EXCELLENT!!!!

Kari Morrissey / Instagram

Gave as a gift, they absolutely loved them!

Sandra Farmer / Facebook

Very good communication. Fast delivery, perfect gift!

Carol Riney / Instagram

Shipping was very fast! These socks are really thick and soft and the patterns were very well put together. Can't wait to gift them!

J Holden / Instagram

Socks turned out great! Can't wait to give them to my friend.

Geoffrey Hargrave / Facebook

It surprised me that these are such a good quality sock. The picture was very clear. We also got the item much faster than expected . I really appreciate that!

Annmarie Summers / Instagram

This is my second purchase and they are so great! The socks turned out amazing! The customer service is wonderful!

Erika McDougall / Instagram